Who Are You?

Researching your family history is more than just a hobby – it becomes an obsession.  Learning about your ancestors, where you come from and what you’re made of is addictive. Each discovery urges you to dig deeper to find out more; and we can often unearth more questions than answers, which only adds to the intrigue.

Genealogy gives us a sense of belonging, and a feeling of being part of something greater.  Revealing stories about our forebears, can expose traits in our own identity we hadn’t previously acknowledged. It also allows us to tell the stories of our ancestors, to remember them and their experiences, and to document their lives for future generations to treasure.

But where do you begin, and what do you do when you hit a ‘Brick-Wall’ in your research? That’s when you need the help of a professional genealogist.

Remember Family History

Whether you need some pointers on how best to start researching your family tree, or simply need a little help with a particularly puzzling mystery, I offer a range of services to assist you. Please take a look at my About and Packages pages to find out more.